Welcome to my "SOUTHERN CHARM" corner of the world!
I am Lisa Newman, a passionate lifestyle and fitness coach with a diverse background that has shaped my unique journey from being a collegiate scholarship athlete to a Miss Mississippi College contestant.  

I enjoyed fitness training with my years of being a competitive athlete. I knew I wanted to stay within that field, so I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology then graduate studies in Kinesiology and Dietetics.  

I saw people come into the clinic even the hospitals where I worked, and I thought to myself- I wish I could see them before they got in this shape, were injured, or just knew how to eat better.
I realize not everyone is or wants to train like an athlete, so I strive to help others develop and experience a feeling of accomplishment to a point where they are encouraged by having better health habits and a self-awareness of their lifestyles. 

In 1992, while living in Jackson, Mississippi, I started the first personal fitness training business to promote training programs in health clubs and in homes. As a professional writer and fitness expert of my own health column called the “PERFIT Training Tips”, I graced many publications. 
I have enjoyed seeing the fitness industry trends ebb and flow, improve, and sometimes repeat fitness innovations with the new digital enhancement platforms.

Along with having been an entrepreneur at 25, I am now ,at 58, more inspired to continue offering a variety of fitness training programs to my PERFIT clientele and participants of my group training classes. I bring over 30+ years’ experience in the fitness and health industry. 

 Our journey together isn't just about exercise and weight loss; I address everything from your mind-body connection to flexibility, breathing better, and awareness of stress/ burnout states to creating a foundation alignment for balance, confidence, nourishment, and energy that inspires us to live our best LIFE.

I design programs and teach classes such as Yoga for Flexibility, Fitness & Fun, Tai Chi Fusion, EXERFIT Striding/Walking, PERFIT BODYsculpt, Equestricise, Balance and Fall Proof Your Life, Age-Less and Be More, FUNctional FITness, PERFIT Performance Training, and Grow Stronger, Live Younger.  

All my coaching has been about enhancing the mind -body-breath awareness for each person. I encourage everyone how to embrace their strength, re-shape and sculpt their bodies, relax the mind, and re-energize a mindset to focus on life vitality. 

Working with my PERFIT principles, you can redefine fitness and health goals, transform your body with a  focused on total body fitness exercise that will enhance your day to day activities for living.

The longevity journey begins now! 


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